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Addiction to Drugs and Organizing an Intervention

When someone in your life has a drug problem, it is easy to look the other way and hope that they will change on your own.  Maybe you think if they haven’t brought it up recently that they’ve quit but everyone is afraid to talk about it.  Then something might happen when you realize they have been... more »

Addiction Comes in Many Forms

When most people think about the term “addiction”, what usually comes to mind is a problem abusing drugs or alcohol.  However, there are a growing number of people who suffer from a different kind of addiction that can still affect their lives very negatively and requires professional treatment. ... more »

Confronting a Problem Through Intervention

When a friend of family member has gotten very out of control with their drinking, there can be a lot of questions among the people around them about how to act.  Should they let it slide and hope that they realize what to do on their own or get involved somehow for their own good?  These are difficult ques... more »

Are You an Alcoholic?

As you get older and realize that your drinking is no longer just a fun social activity with your friends you may begin to wonder if it is getting unhealthy.  If you drink almost every day and night and find that you often drink alone you might think that perhaps you need alcoholic help.   Does your dr... more »

How to Plan an Intervention

When someone close to you is suffering from some serious kinds of addictive problems, there are a lot of things that might run through your mind.  Should say anything and step in to help them or should you let them figure things out alone?   There are many different choices to make when you are faced w... more »

Do You Know Someone with a Gambling Problem?

When most people think about the term “addiction” they assume it refers to substance abuse such as alcoholism or drug addiction.  However, there are many other types of addiction that people many not know about.  An addiction is basically anything that someone does compulsively and they are unab... more »

A Drinking Problem Can Affect Everyone

If you have someone in your life that drinks to excess than you know how troubling it can be to witness.  You feel concerned about their well-being but maybe you are also tired of the arguments and reckless behavior that can ensue when they are intoxicated.  A person with an alcohol problem might not even b... more »

Reaching Out to Your Teen Son or Daughter

Every parent knows how hard it can be to raise a child the right way and help them to make the right choices.  But what do you do when your kid reaches an age when they want to be rebellious and make their own decisions without your knowledge?  It can be scary for a parent to suddenly realize that they have... more »

Getting Through with an Intervention

Sometimes when someone you know has a drug problem, it can be hard to reach them and talk to them about what they are doing.  They might find ways to hide their drug use or pretend as though they are quitting or cutting down on their abuse.  If you suspect that they are really suffering from a serious addic... more »

A Family Member with an Addiction

How do you cope with realizing that someone you love has lost control of their behavior?  It can be a mess of emotions when you are faced with the reality of a loved one having an addiction.  If it is someone you want to depend on for support like a parent then it can feel like a big disappointment.  I... more »

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