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Created in 2002 by Ken Seeley, a pioneer in the recovery method known as intervention, Intervention 911 has been effectively performing interventions in Austin for years. With a long standing track record of success and national recognition due to Ken's appearances on A&E's "Intervention", Ken has passed down his experience and training to the select group of intervention specialists that form his staff. Addiction affects not only the addict but all who come in contact with them. There are two main areas that are most commonly affected. First and foremost is the addict's family, and the second involves the company or business partners dependent on the individual's performance at work.

Family and Executive Interventions in Austin

The purpose of any Austin area intervention is to get the person in need to an Austin treatment center for rehabilitation. Intervention 911 specialists will interview family, friends, or co-workers and determine the best group dynamic and strategy for the intervention. The addict in question may respond more positively to family members, or co-workers, or even employers, and the intervention specialist is uniquely qualified to determine which dynamic will be most effective. Some individuals respond to the love and support of the family, and others may respond more positively to a professional environment.

Family interventions are face-to-face, group conversations that allow each affected family member to address their feelings and concerns to the alcoholic directly, with the help of a mediator. Intervention 911 will get the right group of family members together and prepare them to express themselves constructively and honestly. The specialist will assess each individual and find a way to use their unique personality and relationship to the addict to get through to them. The last thing an intervention specialist wants is an uncontrollable situation, and they have the skills to steer the conversation into constructive territory. Timing is also of the essence, as Intervention 911 works with the family to determine at what stage the addict or alcoholic is in their disease, and whether they are ready to enroll in an Austin rehab facility.

Executive interventions, though less common than family interventions, can be crucial because so many people's livelihoods can depend upon the performance of key executives. Although it takes place in a business environment, there is often sincere affection and feeling involved when the addicted person has served the company for a long period of time and has proved him or herself to be quite capable when they are not under the influence. Usually, the individual in question knows they are needed and that his or her work is suffering, but their addiction has taken over their ability to perform. Often the addict is pleasantly surprised at the level of care and genuine feeling expressed by their co-workers and the outcome is usually positive.

The Purpose of an Intervention

As stated, an intervention is performed to get an addict or alcoholic to a treatment facility or rehab. It is the initial stage in the life-long process that is recovery. Hopefully, it serves as an eye-opening experience for the person in question and can motivate them in the struggle for lasting sobriety. Though it may seem difficult or hopeless, Intervention 911 has helped countless addicts regain a healthy life. If the person is willing, you can have high hopes for their future.


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