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There are a few individuals who stand out in the Chicago rehab community since Intervention 911's foundation in 2002. Ken Seeley is one of those. His record of service, and professionalism follow him nationwide. He is well known thanks to his appearances on A&E's "Intervention", but Intervention 911 has had a long-standing reputation for efficient and effective interventions for those in need. Whether the problem is drugs, alcohol, or both, Ken's team of specialists have the skills to work with any addict and bring them into treatment. Performing countless Chicago interventions with this seasoned team has made Intervention 911's track record unmatched in the area. Whether approaching the addict through the family or through employers, Intervention 911 provides the same high level of service. In either situation, professional assistance is crucial to the success of the intervention.

Chicago Treatment - The First Step on the Path

An intervention is the cornerstone of a foundation of recovery and it's important that this crucial step be taken carefully and under the supervision of a professional. When an addict is referred to Chicago treatment for drugs or alcohol after an intervention, they are much more likely to succeed. After a family or executive intervention, the addict has seen that the people in their life truly do care about them and support their recovery. Often, those around the individual simply want the best for them; they have not given up and an intervention is designed to communicate that point very clearly. This concern is a motivating factor when the addict is propelled into the realm of recovery. The individual believes they have an opportunity to regain what was damaged or lost by years of addiction.

The specialists at Intervention 911 are also equipped to aid the family or employer in locating the best treatment locale for the person in need, after the intervention process. Few people have the experience and connections with treatment facilities that Intervention 911 has developed. Through the intervention process our professionals get to know the addict and are able to use their expertise in the industry to direct that person to the facility for which they would be best suited. Price is often an important factor in these decisions.

Why Intervention 911 for Chicago Rehab?

When Intervention 911 refers a client to a rehab center in Chicago, you can be sure that they are impartial and sincerely want to provide the most effective rehab at the best price. Compared to the price of some rehabs, an intervention is the least expensive part of the recovery process and arguably the most important. Just getting the addict to accept help and enter into treatment is the most difficult hurdle, and once the process is set in motion, they simply need to follow some simple instructions. Of course no one can make an addict want recovery, but if they truly do want help on any level, Intervention 911 is there to make sure they receive it.


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