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Intervention 911 started in Los Angeles in 2002 and their success has made them a trusted name in Las Vegas intervention as well. Founded by Ken Seeley, nationally renown through A&E's "Intervention", this team of specialists has made it their passion to aid families in getting their loved ones into treatment. As pioneers in the growing rehab industry in the southwest, Intervention 911 is one of the few companies with a decade of experience and a vast network of contacts. As independent consultants, Ken and his team have only one goal when helping an addict enter into Las Vegas treatment facility - their recovery. As a result, Intervention 911 can make available to the family or employer of the addict a wide variety of options and a wealth of unbiased advice.

Aftercare in a Las Vegas Rehab

Intervention 911's services go beyond the initial interaction with the addict or alcoholic. Due to the slow nature of the recovery process, one cannot stop abruptly when it comes to treatment. If the addicted person has responded well to the work of the mediator during the intervention process; that person is available for follow-up discussion, future family mediation, and after-care planning upon leaving treatment. Intervention 911 also offers sober companion services for as long as is needed after treatment.

A sober companion is a specialist who will work intensely with the addicted person after treatment at a Las Vegas rehab to establish the proper foundation for his or her recovery, as they begin to build a new sober life. This service ranges in intensity and duration, but can include help with meditation, support in twelve step programs, therapy, and diet and exercise. The goal is to create a well-rounded, sober person capable of weathering life's difficulties without returning to drugs and alcohol. Intervention 911 recognizes the fact that simply taking away the drugs or alcohol is usually not enough to make the addicted person well again. The addict must change large portions of their life and add new activities that strengthen their sober foundation and strengthen the person as a whole. Often, the newly sober person may desire to change, but lacks the motivation and resources to make these changes quickly. A sober companion can add the vital ingredient that spells long-term sobriety.

Intervention 911 and Young People in Las Vegas

In a city like Las Vegas, there are a vast number of young people suffering from drug addiction. Young people are entitled to and often require treatment on the same level as an adult. Fortunately, Intervention 911 has experience working with every age group and knows the best approach to take.


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