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Intervention 911 has been performing New York interventions since 2002, and over that time has become one of the most trusted names in the recovery community nationwide. Founded by the highly capable and nationally acclaimed Ken Seeley (A&E's "Intervention"), the professionals of Intervention 911 have guided countless addicts and alcoholics on the path toward long-term sobriety. The key to Ken and Intervention 911's success in New York treatment is their specialization and focus on the intervention stage of the recovery process. This method allows them to be of maximum service to the addict, providing guidance and support when selecting a New York rehab, but without any proprietary interest in any one facility.

The knowledgeable staff at Intervention 911 is capable of adequately directing individuals towards the proper locale, having gotten to know the person through the intervention process. Intervention services are relatively inexpensive compared to other aspects of recovery, but the value provided is immense. Intervention 911 knows New York, and they have been able to apply the same techniques that have worked for them across the nation. Addiction and alcoholism are diseases that are not confined by location, gender, age, or any other factor.

The Purpose of an Intervention

Intervention 911 takes over the most difficult part of getting a person to treatment for the family or employer. Confrontation is something addicts and alcoholics disdain. They do not even want to be aware of their problem, much less be told by those around them that they have a problem. That's why Intervention 911 believes there is strength in numbers. Getting the right people at the right time, speaking to the addict in a direct and sincere manner can make a huge difference in an individual's life. Not every family member may be able to participate constructively and should not be involved in an intervention. By hiring an interventionist, the burden of organizing and directing the intervention is removed from loved ones. As with any disease, specialized treatment is required and the treatment of an addicted person is no exception.

Intervention 911 and Hope

Obviously, no one wants to invest in something that doesn't work, especially regarding the treatment of a loved one who appears to be lost in life. Luckily, Intervention 911 is able to feel out the drug addict or alcoholic before the lengthy and expensive process of rehab begins. Quite simply, some are not ready for treatment and that may become obvious during the intervention. On the other hand, since Intervention 911 is comprised of specialists, they are capable of creating an environment that can truly bring hope to the family and friends by motivating the addict if even a glimmer of willingness exists. If there is even the slightest hope, the specialists at Intervention 911 can often turn this into a band new life for the addict.


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